Yin Yoga & Aromatherapy
Eve Mini-Retreat 


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Yin Yoga & Aromatherapy

- 2 hour evening mini-retreat

On: Sunday 3rd April @ 6-8pm




Join teacher Trudi Powell for this awesome & inspiring Yin Yoga with Aromatherapy 2 hour evening workshop!

During this 'mini-retreat' workshop, you'll remove stagnant energy, relax mentally & help to improve your joint health!

Blend a slow deep Yin yoga practice with aromatherapy, specifically designed to stimulate and open the 7 chakras in this unique workshop.

Aromatherapy creates a sensory journey connected to the energetic body. Manifest a meditative state of awareness.

Stretch deep inter-connective tissues/fascia, unblocking stagnant energy and regulate energy (or prana) within your body.

In this lovely and rejuvenating 2-hour Sunday evening workshop, there will be plenty of time for finding more benefits to the physical body and mental relief within the calm of the practice.

Now Fully-booked!


Normal Price: £32

Teacher: Trudi Powell

Capacity: 9


















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