Women's Self-Defence

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Women's Self-Denfence

- 5 week Fundamentals course

Who is this course for: our course is ideal for those who have never been taught self-defence, or haven't been taught it for many matter what age!

From: Monday 4th April - Monday 16th May

(not running on Easter Monday 17th Apr or 2nd May Bank Holiday)

Time: 6-7pm each week

**ONLY 2 spots remaining**




Become streetwise with ourLevel 1 course!


We hope you are, but the answer is you're probably not. 

Our Women's Self-Defence 5-week course is a Level 1 Fundamentals course taking place at The Wellbeing Space from Monday 4th April - 16th May (taking into account Easter).

Led by martial arts expert and counsellor, Bill Liddle, who runs all of University of Roehampton and Royal Holloway's women's self-defence courses.

Who is this course for?

Whether you're 30, 40, 50, 60 or over 70 years old, self-defence is (sadly) crucial for women of all ages. If you've never done self-defence before, it's high time you got self-defence knowledge under your belt.

The truth is, lots of us have either never learned self-defence, or were taught it many a long time ago at school/uni. 

Isn't it time you either refresh and update your knowledge, or learn it now?


What you'll learn over the course:
• How to deescalate a variety of situations quickly. 
• Know your rights and what the law means by 'proportionate' force. 
• Pre-emptive strikes.
• Moves for a variety of situations, including physical attack.
• Awareness of potential dangers in everyday situations. 
• How to look after - and protect - yourself and others.
• Protect yourself from attack on the street, or from trespassers on your property.
• Expert knowledge to pass on to your friends and loved ones.

• Am I going to be thrown about, or will I have to throw others?
No! This is about self-defence and situation de-escalation in the most effective, efficient and safe way for your body.  
• I'm over this going to be too hard on my body?
No! This course is for all abilities and all ages. Teacher Bill Liddle regularly teaches women aged 50+ (one of his awesome clients is 82!). This course is about being streetwise and working with what you've got, no matter what your age is. 
• Is this course about attacking people?
Self-defence is NEVER about attacking (which is illegal). It's about defending and protecting yourself and others in a law-abiding, safe manner.
• Will the course hurt me?
It absolutely shouldn't. 

This course promises to be informative, eye-opening and fun, all within a supportive and friendly environment.

There's NEVER a wrong time to learn the fundamentals of self-defence.
Spread the word...your friend, neighbour, colleague or family member could truly benefit from learning these skills.

Course Price: £60 just £12 per session

Teacher: Bill Liddle

Course capacity: 10 **only 2 spots remaining**

Course dates: Mon 4th April - Mon 16th May

(not running on Easter Monday or May Bank Holiday)
















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