Wellness Without Obsession

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Wellness Without Obsession - 6 week course

Starts: Saturday 8th Jan - 12th Feb @ 10-11am

- hurry, spaces are limited!

**All attendees will receive a goodie-bag (worth £40!) AND for the first 3 women to sign-up, you'll also receive a copy of Nourish: Mind, Body & Soul book (worth £10)**




Learn to develop a healthy, happy relationship with food. Uncover the healthiest version of yourself, with no restriction or dieting. 

This supportive 6-week programme will help women to unpick toxic dieting habits, and understand how damaging the world of “new year, new you” can be. 

To help them understand why the diets that are being pushed onto them right now are ANYTHING BUT healthy, and learn how to develop a healthy and happy lifestyle that works for them. Really understand the meaning of the word “healthy” (because it’s absolutely NOT about 'no carbs' and green juices). Understand that YOU are worthy and deserving of taking the best possible care of themselves RIGHT NOW.

Enjoy desired changes with whole body nourishment, a healthy mindset, and zero restriction. 


Over the space of 6 weeks, these are just some of the powerful things we'll cover,

giving you lots of 'a-ha' moments!

Week 1: Exposing diet culture.

In this session, we will look at just how overwhelming diet culture is during the new year, and how damaging these seemingly “positive” messages can be.

Week 2: The Diet Cycle

Here we will unpick the diet cycle, so we can understand exactly why they don’t work. You haven’t failed your diet - your diet has failed you! We will also look at the long term physical and mental health damage your seemingly “healthy” diet could be doing.

Week 3: Overcome your inner “dieting mean girl”

How do you actually start to undo all your old dieting behaviours, without listening to that horrible voice in your head telling you “you’re not worthy, you need to lose weight, you can’t eat this” etc etc?

Let’s work to silence that voice!

Week 4: Dieting myth-busting!

Let’s bust any dieting myths and fads you’ve been led to believe! I’ll give you FACTS to prove why low-fat is NOT healthy, why carbs are your friend, and why eating after 6pm will NOT harm you!

Week 5: Simple, Yet Transformative Nutrition

In this “Healthy Eating 101” , we’ll talk about the healthy way to be healthy!

We’ll talk about the essential components of a nourishing diet, and why it’s so important to ditch the “good” and “bad” food mentality. Nothing should ever be off limits.

Week 6: Exercise as self-care

Here we will work to transform your relationship with exercise.

Exercise should always be a pleasure, NEVER a punishment!

Let’s work out your why for exercising, and how we can make it a form of self-care.


**All attendees will receive a goodie-bag (worth £30!), and for the first 3 women to sign-up, you'll also receive a copy of Nourish: Mind, Body & Soul book (worth £10)**

EARLY BIRD PRICE: £65 - until Jan 2nd '22

Normal Price: £80

Teacher: Lucy Telfer

Course size capacity: 8


-> Great for mums and daughters! <-

















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