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Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence - Quentin L. Cook

Sciatica can feel really debilitating, and presents itself in a variety of ways, including: numbness, tingling and shooting bum or leg pain. Our bespoke range of multi-disciplinary treatments, therapies, Studio classes & Private classes can assist you in reducing and stopping sciatic pain. 

Take a look below at our treatments, therapies and services all geared to help improve and eradicate sciatic pain quickly, so you can return to your favourite activities fast.

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Injury Management


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Reformer Pilates 1:1

or Duet sessions

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Physiotherapy & Myofascial Treatment

Nutritional Cooking

Nutrition - optimising health through diet

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Acupuncture for Wellness

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Mat Pilates



Private 1:1 Pilates, Yoga or Rehab classes

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Our Services
for Sciatica

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