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Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy is a powerful Japanese energy healing technique, that can have fantastic results improving a variety of emotional states, alongside wellbeing concerns. 


This non-invasive, complementary treatment is incredibly relaxing, and gives you a safe space to reconnect with yourself.

The number of Reiki sessions you embark upon varies, depending on the outcome or specific issue you'd like to address. Benefits are certainly felt from the first session, and one-off or 'top-up' treatments are highly recommended to keep your wellness in check. 

We can help you with:

General wellbeing

Stress & stress-related issues



Anxiety & Depression



Mental and emotional healing

Support with trauma & grief


mind-body connection

Optimal relaxation

Pain reduction

Treatment takes place on a couch, whereby you will typically lie on your back, fully-clothed as the practitioner places their hands above certain areas of your body.

This allows them to detect - and move - stuck or stagnant energy (chi), promoting many wellbeing benefits. Occasionally the practitioner will place a hand on key areas of your body (i.e. head, leg or stomach).

Sensations of warmth, heat and slight tingling can sometimes occur during the sessions, alongside a deep and profound sense of relaxation. Be prepared to be transported to a whole new level of relaxation.

Discover the benefits of Reiki today


About Bill Liddle


Bill Liddle is one of the Surrey and Hampshire's top Reiki and Martial Arts Practitioners. With over three decades of training in traditional Japanese Martial Arts, Bill was awarded the title of Yushu Shihan or Senior Master Teacher in September 2016 - a high accolade. 


Through this discipline, Bill developed his longstanding interest in the powerful benefits of Reiki Therapy and other complementary therapies. This led him to qualify as a Master in Reiki, where he thrives on helping women and men overcome a variety of concerns in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. 

Bill’s Reiki sessions focus on reopening energy channels (Chakras), helping you to restore a healthy balance and promote wellbeing. 

Bill's Contact Information


Reach out to Bill here:

M: 07515 392951



Book a Treatment with Bill

To book a Reiki appointment with Bill, or to find out more about his Reiki or Martial Arts practice, please go directly to his booking

schedule here: Honryu Studio

If you book an appointment with Bill Liddle,

please mention The Wellbeing Space.