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Bare Feet


Reflexology is a powerful complementary therapy, where the practitioner typically massages and/or presses specific areas of your feet (although sometimes hands and ears too!) to get your body and mind back on track.

Areas of your foot correspond to organs or systems of the body. By treating specific areas, Reflexology can help to improve many conditions and issues.

Reflexology can help you with

General wellbeing

Stress & stress-related issues



Anxiety & Depression


Mental and emotional healing


mind-body connection

Total relaxation

Pain reduction

Each treatment consists of a 15min Consultation and a 45min hands-on element, so the therapist know what the present issues are, and can plan treatment accordingly. 

Treatment is very relaxing, however congested areas can be tender to begin with, as the therapist works to break down these areas and improve your body's wellbeing.

Discover the benefits of Reflexology today

Reflexology Therapy

About Kirsty Stewart

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Kirsty Stewart's passion is to help women and men to reconnect back to a sense of self, both mentally, physically and emotionally through the many benefits of Reflexology.


Kirsty has been a Reflexologist - alongside being a Personal Development Coach - for over 5 years, and has a busy practice at The Wellbeing Space.


Kirsty prides herself on helping her clients from all backgrounds by helping them to remove unwanted tension, stress and overwhelm through her bespoke treatments.

To book, reach out to Kirsty below


Reach out to Kirsty here:

M: 07377421492



Please note that all therapists/practitioners working out of The Wellbeing Space are independent of us.

They run their own business, sort their own payments, and hold their own public liability and indemnity insurance.