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Psychotherapeutic Counselling for Parents


Have you recently become pregnant?

Are you thinking about becoming a parent soon?

Have you recently given birth and finding your new life somewhat challenging? 


Psychotherapeutic Counselling for birth trauma and postnatal depression is designed to support parents, soon-to-be parents and grandparents with a range of concerns and anxieties at this unique time.

We can help you with:

Birth preparation

Postnatal Depression

Fear around labour

Birth Trauma

Anxiety & Worries



LGBTQ+ parents


Concerns about partner

If you are experiencing unhelpful thoughts or feelings, talking therapy can help you.  Life events and challenges impact us in different ways, and sometimes talking about issues in a confidential, supportive and productive way, can make a huge difference.


Birth and the subsequent early months can be challenging for parents, with things not going to plan, or as expected. 


Don't struggle in silence: whether that's following a traumatic birth experience for either partner, the challenge that a new baby brings to your life, or even feelings around your role as a parent (whatever guise that is), or even as a grandparent - counselling can be hugely beneficial in this instance.

Explore how Suzanne Fowler Evans can help you today!


About Suzanne Fowler Evans

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Suzanne Fowler Evans BA, Prof.Dip Psy C. is one of the areas's most sought-after counsellors specialising combining her renowned practical experience in the antenatal field, with her counselling qualification to offer professional support to all soon-to-be or new parents, and help facilitate their journey towards better mental health and a more helpful outlook to fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Suzanne has been working alongside Britain's largest parenting charity NCT, for over 20 years, facilitating their nationally renowned antenatal courses. During this time she obtained a BA in Educational Studies (NCT) and has worked with the charity to develop courses and train new antenatal teachers.  My passion for mental health started early on during my work with pregnant women and their partners.


She then qualified as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor achieving a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice (Prof.Dip Psy C).    

Suzanne provides a highly-confidential, supportive and encouraging space to all her clients.


Suzanne's Contact Information

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Reach out to Suzanne Fowler Evans here:

- any information given to Suzanne is fully-confidential and private.

M: 07888 781588



Please note that all therapists/practitioners working out of The Wellbeing Space are independent of us.

They run their own business, sort their own payments, and hold their own public liability and indemnity insurance.