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Do you know the best foods for your body that will ensure your health and energy is on top form?

Do you have a specific health or wellness concern that you need help with?

Are you seeking guidance on what foods to eat to improve your overall health, reduce your weight or balance your hormones?

Good nutrition, that works for your metabolism, is key to improving a myriad of issues, as well as increasing your energy, sleep and microbiome (gut health).

We can help you with:



Plant-Based Diets

Optimising Diet Quality

Weight Management

How Nutrition can help you!

Did you know that the right food (and drink) can be pivotal in helping to improve a myriad of health and wellbeing concerns?

As Hippocrates said: "Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food". It's true.


The nutrition we get from our food plays a vital role in how our bodies function on a daily basis. If we fuel our engines with the wrong foods, it won't run as well as it could...or should!

By working alongside a Nutritionist, you'll discover what foods are super for your body, and what food combinations will ensure you get the health results you deserve. 

Whether you feel you need a nutrition overhaul, or just want to ensure that your diet is as optimal for your body as possible, then why not reach out and book your free Discovery Consultation in a supportive and discreet atmosphere?

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About Roma Dispirito

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Roma Dispirito BSc (Hons.) ANutr, is a Registered Associate Nutritionist, and owner of Time Nutrition based at The Wellbeing Space.

Roma is skilled at helping people to optimise health, energy and overall wellbeing through the medium of food and drink, alongside lifestyle guidance.


Through her supportive and bespoke nutrition plans, Roma gets her clients phenomenal and breakthrough results for her clients, whether they're new to tweaking their nutrition, or haven't had good results with nutrition changes in the past.

Book an Appointment or free Discovery Consultation with Roma

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Reach out to Roma at Time Nutrition here:

M: 07775 818 033



Please note that all therapists/practitioners working out of The Wellbeing Space are independent of us.

They run their own business, sort their own payments, and hold their own public liability and indemnity insurance.