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Midwife-led Pregnancy, Birth Preparation &

Post-Natal Treatments

Whether you're in need of relaxation, reducing pregnancy-related pain and discomfort, or wanting to connect more with your body and your baby, our midwife-led range of bespoke treatments ensures that each woman - no matter what stage of their pregnancy or post-birth - receives individual care with a highly-tailored plan, that hones in on the best treatments and modalities to get most right outcome for each woman.


These treatments are unique in the Farnham area, as they are led by a highly-experienced midwife, with a host of experience in western and eastern modalities.

We can help you with:

Stress & Anxiety

Hormone Balance



Post-Natal Recovery

C-Section support

Birth preparation

Post-birth support

Post-Partum depression


Midwife-led Pregnancy, Labour Preparation & Post-Natal treatments provide support for women in all stages of their pregnancy, including birth and post-natal.

Providing a safe sanctuary for women, these treatments help to ease a wide-variety of symptoms, including stress, worry and anxiety.

Reconnect to the beautiful power of your body with these range of specialist treatments.

Come and experience
Midwife-led Pregnancy, Labour Preparation & Post-Natal treatments today!


About Jill Stainthorp

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Jill Stainthorp is a Senior Midwife with over 12 years experience. Alongside midwifery, Jill has a successful private practice which blends a beautiful array of treatments for women in all stages of their pregnancy, as well as labour preparation and post-natal. Her modalities include massage, aromatherapy and yoga, amongst others.

Jill prides herself on being an empathetic and supportive therapist, whose clinical knowledge, alongside more eastern therapy influences, supports women through all stages of their pregnancy, birth preparation and post-natal.

Jill's Contact Information

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Reach out to Jill here:


M: 07915 737784


Please note that all therapists/practitioners working out of The Wellbeing Space are independent of us.

They run their own business, sort their own payments, and hold their own public liability and indemnity insurance.