Yin Yoga & Aromatherapy
Eve Mini-Retreat 

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Yin Yoga & Aromatherapy

- 2 hour mini-retreat workshop

On: Sunday 8th May @ 6-8pm

only 3 spaces left 






Join teacher Trudi Powell for this awesome & inspiring Yin Yoga with Aromatherapy 2 hour evening 'mini-retreat'!

During this gorgeous workshop, you'll remove stagnant energy, relax mentally & help to improve your joint health!

Blend a slow deep Yin yoga practice with aromatherapy, specifically designed to stimulate and open the 7 chakras in this unique workshop.

Aromatherapy creates a sensory journey connected to the energetic body. Manifest a meditative state of awareness.

Stretch deep inter-connective tissues/fascia, unblocking stagnant energy and regulate energy (or prana) within your body.

In this lovely and rejuvenating 2-hour Sunday evening workshop, there will be plenty of time for finding more benefits to the physical body and mental relief within the calm of the practice.

Not to be missed!

Normal Price: £32

Teacher: Trudi Powell

Capacity 9 - only 3 places left!





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