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Mat Pilates is all about learning to breathe properly, focusing on core control, lengthening your body, stretching and improving mobility. It’s a unique form of exercise that focuses on your core muscles - your abdominals and pelvic floor (where all movement stems from) whilst also training your arms and legs.

Its benefits extend far beyond strengthening and toning. GPs, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists highly recommend Pilates as a form of therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise, because it both alleviates pain and addresses the issue that created that pain.

If you're after a stronger core, boosted balance, better flexibility, improved posture and increased oxygen in the body – all whilst reducing aches and pain and preventing future injuries – then Pilates is the answer.  

Use the WellnessLiving booking system and you’ll earn redeemable points that can be used against all our classes and therapies.

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Mat Pilates

Suitable for all, including beginners


This class puts a focus on the six key Pilates principles: control, breathing, centering, precision, concentration, and flow.


You will be guided through a Pilates sequence that includes exercise repetitions and holds.


Mat Equipment Pilates

Suitable for all abilities


Want to try this hybrid class - a cross between a usual Mat Pilates class with the benefits of a Reformer? Mat Equipment gives you focused benefits to help tone your body, boost strength, improve flexibility and much more using a variety of Pilates balls, resistant Pilates bands and Pilates circles.


Mat Beginners Pilates

Super for beginners, and those going through rehabilitation/injury

This beginners class will bring us back to the key basics in movement, as we learn to improve our mobility, flexibility, balance and body awareness.


You will be guided through a Pilates sequence that includes exercise repetitions, holds, rehab movement exercises and self-care techniques. 


Mat Pilates for Improvers

Suitable for those more confident in their Pilates ability


This class is a step up from the above mat Pilates (for all abilities). The six key principles remain but with a greater level of difficulty, which occasionally includes equipment.


Feel like your need

some more attention?

Are you a novice to Pilates or want some more dedicated time before joining regular classes? Discover our popular Pilates for Beginners courses or Private 1:1 and Duet classes.


Class Pricing

New Client Unlimited Class Pass

2 weeks of Unlimited Classes | £30


Drop-in rate
PAYG 1hr class | £14

Studio Class Passes

- the best way to practice, for less!
5 Multi-Class Pass | £65
10 Multi-Class Pass* | £120

20 Multi-Class Pass*  | £200

(*NEW extended 4 month expiry date. You can share our 10 or 20 class passes with a family member. 5 Class Pass expiry remains at 40 days)

Private & Duet sessions
Private (1:1) classes (1hr) | £65pp
Duet (1:2) classes (1hr) | £23pp

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John Overton

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