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Your wellbeing continues to be our top priority!


Coming in for Treatments?

Our independent Allied Health Practitioners are still able to see clients in person during lockdown. Each of our Physiotherapists, Acupuncture therapist and Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist have extra safety measures in place, in addition to the ones listed here:


Please ring the doorbell when you arrive - your practitioner or staff member will let you in. Whilst you wait, please do take a seat.


  Hand-gel is available in the entrance-way. We strongly advise you use it.

Face masks must be worn until you are in the therapy room and instructed to remove it.

Your temperature will be taken upon arrival.

 Treatment rooms are well ventilated during - and between -  appointments.

There will be longer gaps in clinic schedules where possible.

It’s highly encouraged that you make bookings & payments online or over the phone.

Therapists will thoroughly clean hard surfaces between clients with medical-grade solution.

All communal hard surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned throughout the day.


More information about our

e-classes, e-workshops & e-1:1s

keeping you healthy at home too!

2021 (Lockdown) Studio e-Class Update:

  • Or LIVE e-classes are just £7 PAYG (this excludes our Private 1:1s and e-workshops)

  • You can now use your 5, 10 or 20 MULTI-CLASS PASS for any of our e-classes and save money! 1 studio class = 2 Zoom e-classes, so you'll get double the value from your pass during lockdown. Just pay for any e-class using your Class Pass at the full rate, and we'll add the money back onto your WellnessLiving account afterwards.*


Are you doing any different e-classes or workshops over Zoom this lockdown?

  • New e-classes include: Resistance & Stretch Pilates (teacher: Nas Pritchard) & Self-Care (teacher: Charlie Lowry-Corry)


I have a New Client Unlimited Pass / e-classes are just not for me!

  • New Client Unlimited Passes can be used during lockdown. 1 studio class = 2 Zoom e-classes (maximum of 4 Zoom classes per week).

  • Any existing (and unused) client Multi-Class Passes will be frozen until we can resume studio classes.

Are Private 1:1 sessions still running?

  • Yes, our Private 1:1 Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness & Movement sessions are still running over Zoom throughout lockdown.

  • We have a few available spaces for new Private clients. Visit here to find out more.

I'm having issues with Zoom and/or problems receiving the Zoom links?

  • Please ensure that you've opted IN for our WellnessLiving email reminders & notifications, otherwise you won't receive the automated email with Zoom link.

  • You can check your opt-in/out options under Communication Settings on your unique WellnessLiving profile here.

  • We regret that we cannot refund e-classes where the opt-in clearly hasn't been ticked or has landed in your junk/spam.

  • Still can't find your email with Zoom link? Please check your Spam/Junk folders and also search for WellnessLiving in your email search bar.

  • If you don't have Zoom yet, you can easily get a free account here: https://zoom.us/

Need help over email?

  • Please leave us an email info@wellbeingspace.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as possible (this is currently taking us a few days, as we have a reduced front desk service). 

  • Alternatively, speak to your teacher on Zoom after your session, and they will be able to guide you also.

*we will reimburse you with a FREE Zoom e-class onto your WellnessLiving account to be used within 7 days. We can't reimburse e-class back onto your card.


Our 2021 Lockdown e-classes & e-workshops