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Ignite Your Breath

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Ignite Your Breath Workshop

- 2 week workshop

Next workshop: Monday 17th & 24th Jan '22 @ 6.30-8pm

**only 5 spaces**




Ignite The Power Of Your Breath with this fantastic 3-hour workshop spread over 2 weeks.

The workshop focuses on different Pranayama (Yoga breath control) techniques all designed to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and strengthen the connection between your body and mind.  

Whether you already do Yoga and would like to benefit more from your practice, or you're new to breath-work (or Yoga), and want to find out more about how the power of breath can play a HUGE role on increasing your happiness and wellbeing, then this is the workshop for you.

After the 2 week workshop, you'll find that you're equipped with different and powerful breathing techniques to take into all walks of life, whether you're trying to reducing stress or anxiety, want to improve your yoga and Pilates habit, or by using your breath to assist in relaxing before bed to aid a deep nights sleep.

Not to be missed!

EARLY BIRD PRICE: £39 - until Jan 6th '22

Normal Price: £47

Teacher: Jack Parrott

Workshop capacity: 5















Next Ignite Your Breath Workshop after this one:

Monday 28th Feb 2022

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