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Do you want to have stunning, more natural-looking brows that continue to last for months? Would you like well-groomed brows that don’t require you to use a pencil or brush them into place?
Microblading is an innovative semi-permanent make-up, which uses the gold-standard - and safest - of techniques to achieve stunning results that you’re guaranteed to be overjoyed with.

As a Microblade alternative, we also offer a Brow Lamination & Tidy service. We can easily tame unruly brows into perfect groomed arches that last up to 6 weeks.


If you're after fuller, thicker, more even-looking groomed brows (that last!) then let Surrey's leading brow practitioner help you achieve the look your want.

We can help you with:

Fuller-Looking Brows

Thicker-Looking Brows

Better-Defined Brows

Tidier Looking Brows

Brow Grooming

What is Microblading?

Microblading (also known as 4D Brows) is the latest semi-permanent must-have treatment for those with thin, sparse, light, or misshapen brows.


Following an Initial Consultation (to discuss your suitability, colour match and shape guide), your microblade technician will numb the area with a topical lotion. They will then use a micro blade to put hair-width strands of pigment into the epidermis. The procedure isn’t painful – it just feels like a light scratch across the surface of your skin.
During your treatment, any strands you want changing can easily be undone by your technician. Results typically last between 12-24 months.

Your Microblading treatment includes a 4-8 week touch-up, so that you can be sure your brows will be in lasting top shape!

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What is Brow Lamination?

After a brow wax to remove any stray brow hairs, the practitioner grooms your brows into your preferred position.


A solution – similar to a perming solution – is then added on top of your brows to encourage the hairs to stay in that position. Once this is done, you have the option of having your brows tinted for maximum ‘wow-factor’.


This quick 45-minute treatment provides up to 6-weeks of stunningly groomed-looking arches.

About Paula O'Sullivan

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Paula O'Sullivan is owner & Head Therapist at Highbrow Blading based at The Wellbeing Space and in Berkshire.



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