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Clinical & Sports Massage

Our two Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage Practitioners are Farnham's leading Pain-Care Specialists. 

They have the highest level of massage training the UK, and are experts in their field.


Farnham Massage at The Wellbeing Space, was born out of wanting to help the people of Farnham, and surrounding areas, get out of chronic and acute pain, alongside improving your health and fitness issues through tailored rehabilitation.

We're dedicated to you - the client - and tailor each session to your individual needs and wellness goals. 
Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves, so why not explore how we can help you today?

Our Advanced Massage Treatments include: Pain-Relief (Clinical), Sports, Tension-reduction & Pregnancy. We focus on partnering with you to get impressive results within just 1-6 sessions - this includes dramatically reducing muscular aches and pain (include short and long-term chronic pain), improving mobility and range-of-motion, reducing muscular tension, easing headaches, boosting your immune system and aiding you to relax and unwind.

If you're in pain, stressed or in discomfort, then Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage can support you in feeling better.

Advanced Massage can help you with

Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain

Headaches & Migraines

Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Chronic & Acute Pain




Improved Mobility & Range of Motion

Ligament & Tendon issues


Rehab Advice

Advanced Pain-Relief, Sports or Relaxation Massage increases your body’s overall health and wellbeing. It can assist with a wide-range of short-and-long term issues, including: chronic pain, sleep concerns, headaches, stress management, muscular disorders and injuries, alongside lifestyle-related problems (i.e. bad posture from working at your desk).


Whatever your body or mind needs, we can work together to get you out of pain and reduce your body's stress.
Whilst benefits are guaranteed from just 1 treatment, if you're truly looking to reduce or stop your pain, then we recommend that you reap the benefits that regular advanced massage sessions can bring. Having a maintenance advanced massage every 4-8 weeks can ensure that you continue to alleviate and combat any concerns from reappearing, whilst promoting all-round health and wellbeing.

Come and experience our Advanced Massage treatments

for yourself.

Back Massage

About Us

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Ian Kinnaird (ITEC, ACMT, BTEC Level 6, CNHC) has the coveted degree-level Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage qualification from the prestigious Jing Massage Institute.


After a highly-successful career spanning over 25 years in The Metropolitan Police, Ian was drawn to Clinical & Sports Massage Therapy. He is particularly interested in helping those with mental and emotional health issues, such as PTSD (something that was increasingly common within the Blue Lights sector).

Ian now has a myriad of bodywork qualifications, including Hot Stones, Swedish Massage and Kinesiology Tape qualifications, and is Farnham's only degree-level Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage Therapist. 


Charlie Lowry-Corry (B.A. Hons., ACMT, BTEC Level 5+, MSMA, MCHP, CNHC) has always been passionate about helping people to improve their health and wellness. Through her own health ailments during her teens and twenties, she eventually found self-care to be the keystone. Musculoskeletal therapies were certainly one of the pivotal modalities she used to nurture herself back to health and vitality, and this kick-started her career in this rewarding sector.

Charlie is the proud director of The Wellbeing Space, alongside being an Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage and Movement Practitioner. She is passionate about researching and learning the best modalities and techniques to incorporate into her existing healthcare knowledge, she helps clients get out of discomfort for good and to dramatically reduce their stress.

This results in Charlie’s clients getting back to leading a pain-free, more energetic life that many had given up all hope of returning to.

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