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Our mission is to support as many people in and around Farnham in improving, nurturing - and sometimes overhauling – their wellbeing through a unique mixture of classes, courses, and preventative treatments.

As soon as you step into the sanctuary of The Wellbeing Space, be rest-assured that you’ll receive customer service and advice in a friendly and encouraging environment - it’s what makes us different from the rest!

With our busy lives, we often put our physical, mental and emotional health further down our list of priorities. Sadly, forging time for one’s own self-care isn’t always seen as essential.

To us, it’s vital - and we help our clients see the benefits of taking care of themselves by getting them to take ownership of their health and happiness.


Encouraging and supporting your self-care is at the core of our values!

Our dedicated teachers and practitioners are here help you achieve your health & wellness goals. We pride ourselves in our high quality teaching and treatments.

Investing in you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.


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